About Us

Our Mission and Values

Following Jesus for the Renewal of our City

Re:new - to give fresh life and strength

Renewal happens when people experience Jesus. Jesus is the source of our Hope, Healing, Freedom and the Favour of God. As we follow Jesus, we see hearts, emotions, health, relationships and families renewed. Not only that, we believe that renewal begins to overflow into communities, workplaces, schools and businesses. We are made new to make new.

Our Values

1. Simply Follow A New Way of Living

Jesus is our example for everyday living. We listen to the Spirit and follow the Way of Jesus. We celebrate stories of obedience, transformation and renewal.

2. Cultivate Community A Space to Belong

Relationship is at the heart of everything we do and we create spaces where people belong. We invite people to “come as you are” and experience life and freedom.

3. Pursue Presence A Life of Worship

We are a people who enjoy a lifestyle of prayer and worship, who cultivate the presence of God and create places where people can experience freedom and healing. We expect breakthrough miracles and walk alongside people toward freedom.

4. Move Forward A Future to See

We step into every promise of God by faith. We believe God has a plan and a future for our church and every person in our city.

5. Activate Influence A City to Reach

Every person contributes towards seeing renewal by living and sharing the message of Jesus. We are marketplace influencers bringing renewal every day, everywhere.

6. Equip Others A Mandate to Multiply

We raise and release Spirit full disciples and leaders. Our team are full of love, skilled in knowledge and powerful in the Spiritual gifts.

7. Give Generously A Grace to Give

We know what we have is not just for us and trust God as we give freely to others. We practice tithing and financial giving, help people thrive in tough places, and support local and global missions.

We would love you to join us on this journey.

Our Lead Pastors

Andrew and Bek

Andrew's Story

Andrew grew up in church as the son of pastors and missionaries to Thailand. He had a powerful encounter with God at around fifteen years old that gave him a love for Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and people. He has a unique perspective on life due to his time overseas and in corporate life. Andrew genuinely cares for people, loves sharing about Jesus and is passionate about seeing renewal and revival in Brisbane. He loves playing with his kids, mountain bike riding and drinking great coffee.

You can follow Andrew on Instagram.

Bek's Story

Bek experienced life with Jesus in her 20s and remembers what it was like to go to church for the first time. What stood out to her was how warm and friendly people were, that's why she is so passionate about creating spaces where people can belong and enjoy relationship with God and other people. She loves playing board games and going on family holidays.

Andrew and Bek would love to meet you at one of our Sunday gatherings.