House of Prayer

Establish Prayer in Your Home

House of Prayer is an invitation to lead your household in a weekly, simple and powerful prayer time.
"But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24:15b 

We believe that honest and consistent prayer makes a difference, here's how you can make a start:

  • Schedule a weekly time in your diary - start off with 15-20 min
  • Keep your appointment to pray
  • Stay on track when you pray
  • Repeat weekly 

We encourage you to include four key prayer points: 

  1. Pray for your home 
  2. Pray for your family and extended family 
  3. Pray for our church 
  4. Pray for our city

You can also use this prayer model to P.R.AY. in your home. 

"My house will be called a house of prayer" Matthew 21:13a

Some more info

There are so many different creative ways that you can be part of this, no matter what your life-stage or household situation.

  • If you have a young family and are constantly interrupted,  be encouraged to do your best without giving up, whatever that looks like from week-to-week
  • If you live by yourself you have lots of options. You can pray by yourself or arrange to pray with someone, in person or on a call
  • If you live in a share house, invite others to pray with you  
  • If you have older kids, start to include them and model prayer for them.