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Connect with God and Grow Your Faith

Our vision is to see you thrive in every area of your life and we are committed to help you on this journey. Our blogs are based on our teaching and will help you connect with God and grow in your faith. If you want to learn more, we encourage you to subscribe to our podcasts. 

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The Starting Point for Giving

In this blog, Ps John shares about the heart behind giving and how this influences our faith.

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The Motivation for Giving

In this blog, Ps John shares his personal experience in response to the first message he heard on giving and encourages us to think about our own giving journey.

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Part Four: What happens when God speaks in Community?

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Part Three: How to unlock the potential of a word from God

In this blog we learn from the words of Jesus in Luke 8 and how we can cultivate the seeds of God's words in our everyday lives.

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Part Two: God, is that you or me?

In this blog, we explore seven tests to help Christians discern and listen to God's voice amid life's distractions, ensuring our decisions align with His purpose.

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Part One: Where do we start?

The Book of Genesis introduces us to the first question ever asked in the Bible, "Did God really say?"

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