PRAY: A simple model for prayer

Learn how to pray


We have developed a simple model for prayer that is easy to remember, P~R~A~Y. We encourage you to find a quiet space, jot down a few notes for each point then pray them out loud. We also encourage you to learn how to pray the Bible

Praise and Thanksgiving

See God for who He is and thank Him for what He has done.

Praise and Thanksgiving Examples:

  • List an attribute of God’s character from the Bible (Healer, Love, Provider, etc) 
  • List people and things you are thankful for

    Repent and Receive

    Change the way you think about God and yourself. Admit your need for God and your failings. Receive His grace and His truth for your life.

    Repent and Receive Examples:

    • I’m sorry for my limited thinking in the area of…
    • I’m sorry for my actions and thoughts...
    • I receive your truth...
    • I receive grace for...


    Ask for what you need, ask for God to speak to you, ask for others needs, ask for God to change your heart.

    Ask Examples:

    • List your needs for breakthrough, answered prayer and direction
    • Ask God a specific question
    • Pray scriptures based on God’s promises


    What is God saying to you? What is God asking you to do? Say "Yes".

    Yes Examples:

    • God, I think or feel you are saying... (It’s ok if you are unsure)
    • God, I’m saying yes to...

    We hope it encourages you!