We are excited to officially launch our Internship program. This program is designed for people who want to grow in ministry and leadership experience in pastoral, kids, youth and young adults ministry. Interns study part or full-time and we have scholarships of up to $1000 and FEE Help available. To find out more email [email protected]

Why intern at City Lights?

  1. OPPORTUNITY. Learn by doing. A smaller, rapidly growing church allows leadership and ministry opportunities that you would not get in other environments.
  2. COACHING. Receive coaching in ministry and life from experienced leaders. Accelerate your growth by learning how to lead and disciple yourself and others.
  3. FUTURE FOCUS. Shape your future. We work with you to develop your personal vision and values for the future God has planned for you.

Here is what some of this year's interns said:

"My internship at City Lights Church has provided me with the valuable opportunity to practically apply the theory learnt at college, to the real-world ministry context of the church. During this time, God has used me to work in the lives of others, while developing my calling, abilities, and character."

“Pastor Andrew exhibits Godly strength and wisdom in his ability as a mentor. He is a role model of conduct, character, speech and commitment to excellence in communications skills. He has provided ample opportunity for my ministry practice placement and is willing to take risks to release me to grow in confidence under his leadership.”